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Moonshot of 2023

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A step towards burning.

Auto LP

With auto LP, the BNB generated from tax will be added to Liquidity Pool.


Earn auto reward of Bctrl2xy native tokens in every buy & enjoy.

Buyback & Burn

We'll be utilizing a smart-contract to automatically burn Bctrl2xy.

Auto Burn mechanism

Burn Token Utility is a type of utility token which is offered by cryptocurrency projects in order to create scarcity of their tokens and limit the total amount that is available in circulation. The amount of such tokens are fixed at the start and no more tokens can be produced. When one token is burned, it’s gone forever, resulting in deflationary characteristics and price appreciation over time.


The burning token.

Tokenomics of Bctrl2xy described in brief.


The total supply of 1,000,000,000 Bctrl2xy. Decimal is 4.


Fee of 10% on buys and 10% on sells. 2% Auto Burn + 2% Rewards


1% automatically added to our liquidity pool maintaining a healthy and solid price.


5% will be used towards development and marketing costs.